SVDN Chief & Council 2018 – 2021

SVDN Chief & Council 2018 – 2021

The Chief and Council of Sioux Valley continue to work toward making Sioux Valley a better place for all members by continuing to develop our own laws, policies and procedures. After signing their Self-Government agreement in 2014, Sioux Valley has moved away from the Indian Act. Sioux Valley Dakota Nations laws need to be and continue to be developed to replace the Indian Act laws that have governed us. Areas of focus for the Chief and Council continue to be finance, education, health, economic development, and child and family services. The Chief and Council work closely with the Program Managers and Directors to ensure that programs are carried out in an effective manner.

Chief Jennifer Bone


Councilman Anthony Tacan


Councilwoman Eleanore Elk


Councilman Elton Taylor


Councilman Jamie Hall


Councilwoman Evelyn Pratt