SVDN Volunteer Fire Department

Fall 2017

I would first like to thank the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Chief and Council for their continued support to the SVDN Fire Department most recently for approving the purchase of a second fire fighting apparatus. The basis of any fire department is a strong membership and safe and operational equipment. We were also able to implement a new paging system recently that alerts our members through their cell phones along with a text containing information related to the call from the 911 centre. We also have 6 hand held portable radios so that the fire fighters responding to a call can communicate directly with the dispatcher at the 911 centre. This is added insurance that additional resources required for first responders are only a call away.

But, the support didn’t stop there. They were also able to provide life insurance for each and every member of our fire fighting crew. We feel very confident now going forward with this kind of support. Thank you very much, Chief and Council!

As we are fast approaching the dry fall season I would like to remind everyone that there is an existing by-law that prohibits starting and neglecting fires that require the SVDN fire department to respond. In such a case the individual or party responsible for starting the fire will be held accountable by the RCMP. If you feel you must absolutely burn a specific area then request for assistance from our department or wait for right conditions to do your burn. Conditions become very dangerous on dry windy days.


SVDN Volunteer Firefighters:

Dean Mini – Fire Chief

Bryden Demas

Tyrell Ironman

Kelvin Bell

Chris Tacan

Robbie Taylor

Lance Mancheese

Keith Tacan

Kip Tacan