Walk to End Violence Against Women

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation held the second annual Awareness Walk to end violence in the community, as part of the SVDN Wellness Initiative and community outreach and development.  Over 40 participants gathered at the Health Office and trekked on foot, horseback, and by vehicle to the south end and back.

Councillors Jennifer Bone and Tony Tacan participated on behalf of Council, as well as Chief Vince Tacan, who joined in the walk on horseback.


Chief Tacan spoke at the event and stated that: “We have to create awareness and change our attitudes.  Today there are a lot of unsolved murdered and missing women. Sioux Valley has its own unsolved cases, and we share in that pain, and it is our hope that with this walk we will let those families know that we share their grief. The walk is starting to get more participants each year.  As a parent and grandparent with granddaughters, I worry about their safety. It’s time for men to change their negative perceptions of women. Today for our culture and people to survive, we need healthy positive relationships.”