SVHS Notice – Highway 21 Closure Plan (04.07.17)


Friday, April 7, 2017

Education Notice- Highway 21 closure plans.

Effective Monday, April 10th for SVHS and Crocus Plains students only:
1. Alternate travel route used. (Highways: 21,259,25,10) Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.
2. Separate runs to High School (s)
– Provincial van run (daily run time is 2.5 hrs- only picks up Crocus Students)
– 2 Busses to SVHS (daily run time is 4 hrs)- Regular home pick up and drop off times will be kept
3. Sioux Valley High School goes into 3 day week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (reduce hrs spent on busses). 12 hrs/week of travel time
4. Provincial van run is daily. 12.5 hrs/week of travel time.
5. Homework packages for SVHS for Tuesday and Thursday.
6. SVHS staff will remain on site at SVHS on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for homework package correcting.
Note: Regular school hours for Headstart to Grade 6- No changes required.

Thank you for your patience,

Mr. Nabess