SVHS Flood Evacuee School Plan (04.03.17)

Students residing at the Victoria Inn due to flood evacuations, please note the following plan:

  1. K- Grade 12 students will be picked up at 9:25 am in the parking lot at the Victoria Inn. The bus will depart at 9:30 sharp. A check list will be used to keep daily attendance of all K-grade 6 students.
  2. Students will be bussed to Sioux Valley High School for regular classes and then to Sioux Valley Elementary School for regular classes.
  3. K- Grade 6 students will be delivered back to the Victoria Inn at 3:10. Parents are responsible to meet students in parking lot area. High School students will be dropped off prior to bus departing Brandon at approximately 4 pm.
  4. Any students dropped off at Sioux Valley School from parents and/or guardians, it is the parents/guardians responsibility to come into the school and let the front office know the plan for bussing and ensure they are put on the list to return to Brandon if needed.
  5. Start of emergency plan is Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Thank you,

Mr. Kevin Nabess