SVHS Culture Camp Update (06.06.17)

June 6, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Sioux Valley High School will be hosting our culture camp this year. All students are encouraged to attend our year end celebration of culture!

Students will be picked up at normal times. We will be at the Grand Valley Provincial Park site. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided. Activities are as follows,

  • Major Projects Include: Dream catchers, fishing, small hand drums, drum stick, bannock making, small medallions, quill work, horse shoes
  • Activities Include: Archery, Singing, Moccasin game, wagon rides, bannock making, small teepees, Lacrosse

 There will be regular bus runs occurring with provincial bus runs as normal for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be an early dismissal with a bus pick up at 1:00pm.


Mr. Nabess, Principal