SVHS Culture Camp Final Day Recap (06.09.17)

On the final day of SVHS Culture Camp, attendance may have been low, but spirits were high. Students and guests enjoyed more archery, some finished crafts or played moccasin games and others went on wagon rides. This day would only be a scheduled half day, so all in attendance made the most of the morning. But as the morning drew to a close, and clouds rolled in, all would take time to help clean the camps ground, take down the tipi’s and prepare for lunch. Principal Kevin Nabess addressed the small crowd and expressed the gratitude we felt for all those who helped make this year’s Culture Camp a success.  Jace Pratt had some final words of encouragement, and final lunch was served for SVHS Culture Camp 2017. As though Mother Nature was waiting for us to finish, students made their way under the roof of the dining hall and rain began to fall.