SVHS Culture Camp Day 2 Recap (06.08.17)

Day 2 of Sioux Valley High School’s Culture Camp was a smashing success. As the youth recapped the events of Day 1, they were also excited about the events for Day 2. Many would arrive later in the morning as several has chosen to go fishing in Oak Lake as part of the camp. Those which remained were able to continue with their previous days crafts or enjoy some early morning horseback riding. Even Mr. Bunn enjoyed his first experience riding a horse. Day 2 morning activities also included drum stick making and a few games of horseshoes. On the lunch menu today was a fish fry, boiled potatoes, fried bannock and hotdogs. Several youth helped with preparing the days lunch as many guests were expected to visit today. Todays invited guests would include Chief and Council, Dakota Oyate Lodge residents and elders from the community. As the day came to a close, Principal Kevin Nabess addressed the students and attendees, with one main point to state, culture camp is not about learning, it’s about celebrating and embracing our culture. It was a beautiful day enjoyed by all.