SVDN Temporary Internet outage due to Fibre to the community (06.15.18)

We apologize to the community of SVDN for the brief Internet outage they will be expiriencing over the next few hours. We have recently completed running a Fiber Optic line to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation to increase some internet speeds as well as stabalize our internet connection. In order to complete the change from a wireless connection into SVDN to a fibre optic connection, some rebooting of equipment is required and this reboot will disrupt service to our community for a brief time. It is estimated to take approximately a few hours for our DHCP service to be fully operational after this reboot is completed. If you are able to, please uplug your home router and home network connection for approximately 15-45 seconds and plug them back in, as this may assist in completing the DHCP tasks of redistributing IP addresses to the community. You can also wait for the service to complete itself. If you have any questions, or your service does not restore itself in the next few hours, please feele free to contact Gerald Thunderbird-Sky (204) 573-8557 to assist you.

Thank you for your patience, we look forward to ever improving our service to the community.