Request for Catering Tenders (08.03.17)

Request for Catering Tenders

Residential Schools Survivors Gathering 2017



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Deadline Thursday August 3rd, 2017


Table of Contents:

1.0       Introduction

2.0       Eligibility to Tender

3.0       Time Scale

4.0       Deliverables

5.0       Response to Tender

6.0       Response Instructions

7.0       Enquiries

Appendix          (i)


1.0     Introduction

1.1       The purpose of this Request for Tender (RFT) is to obtain bids from eligible candidates or the catering services of the Residential School Survivors Gathering 2017. The event will take place on Wednesday August 30th, 2017 at the Brandon Industrial Residential              School grounds, off Grand Valley Road, near Brandon, Manitoba. Sioux Valley Dakota Nation strives to keep catering services local to support our community members. The coordinator for the event is willing to work with the right candidate to ensure the                            success of this event.

2.0     Eligibility to Tender

2.1       Candidates wishing to respond to this RFT shall ensure they satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Have valid Safe Food Handlers certificate
  2. Hold a valid driver’s license or team up with someone who holds a valid driver’s license
  3. Have access to a dependable vehicle for Wednesday August 30th, 2017
  4. Can be present from 7:30am to 4:00pm on Wednesday August 30th, 2017
  5. Supply staff to ensure success of event
  6. Be able to provide catering for 150 people
  7. Be friendly and personable with all who attend event
  8. Dress appropriately for event
  9. Have clear and concise communication with event coordinator

3.0     Time Scale

3.1       A full response to the RFT is required by 4:30pm Sioux Valley time on Thursday August 3rd, 2017. The following time scales are anticipated:


Milestone Date
Release of RFT July 27, 2017
Submission of Tender August 3rd, 2017
Decision made and respondents informed August 8th, 2017
Contract Signed August 9th, 2017
Event August 30th 2017


4.0     Deliverables

4.1       The following deliverables are expected from the candidate:

  1. a) Catering staff will be expected to:

(i) Be polite and courteous to all that attend

(ii) Have a staff member be at the site for 8:00am

(iii) Be prompt with timing of food service (10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm)

(iv) Serve the Elders that attend the event

(v) Dress appropriately for event

(vi) Hold high levels of hygiene

  1. b) In response to this RFT, the respondent will provide:

(i) Completed Tender Form

(ii) Safe Food Handlers certificates for all staff catering

  1. c) The scope of work will be as follows:

(i) Pick up carafe of coffee at Dakota Oyate Lodge at 7:30am on day of event

(ii) Pick up fresh produce items for morning break and ice from Sobeys, before start of event (8:00am)

(iii) Set up beverage/snack table before beginning of event (8:15am)

(iv) Set out and secure table cloths for all tables

(v) Put out morning break food items and ensure replenishment of all items

(vi) Prepare tea for lunch break

(vii) Prepare plates and serve Elders that attend event promptly for noon

(viii) Ensure all food items are replenished as depleted

(viv) Ensure all food areas are kept clean, tidy, and presentable

(vv) Provide numerous areas for garbage disposal and recycling

(vvi) Ensure safe storage of all food items

(vvii) Put out afternoon break items

(vviii) Clear all tables and dining area of garbage and recyclables

(vviv) Collect all dining area garbage bags and recycling bags to one area

5.0     Response to Tender

5.1       The response to this RFT must be the completed Tender Form along with photocopies of Safe Food Handler certificates for those listed on form.

6.0     Response Instructions

6.1       Candidates shall submit Tender Forms by 4:30pm August 3rd, 2017 as per Section 3.1

6.2       All forms can be left at Sioux Valley Health Centre, in the Mailbox of Toni Pashe with request of reception to call and inform that a tender has been submitted.

6.3       A call or message of acknowledgement of all receipts of Tender will be given to candidates

6.4       All Tender documents must reach Toni Pashe no later than 4:30pm on August 3rd, 2017, any submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

6.5       All candidates will be informed of outcomes of their tender as per Section 3.1

7.0     Enquiries

7.1       All enquiries regarding this RFT should be directed to the point of contact below:


Toni Pashe

Residential School Survivors Gathering Coordinator

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation

(204) 573-9818

[email protected]

[email protected]


PDF of the tender form can be downloaded HERE