NOTICE: Mature Grade 12 Program (06.15.17)

NOTICE: Mature Grade 12 Program

Re-Admission Applicants

Deadline for Application Submission is June 15, 2017

All previous Mature Grade 12 students re-applying for the program must submit a completed application form by June 15th

Interviews – As a returning student to the Mature Grade 12 Program, it is mandatory every applicant attend their scheduled interview (scheduled for the end of June). Failure to do so will eliminate you from attending the program in the scheduled year.

Orientation – All students will be expected to attend the Mature Grade 12 orientation scheduled for the first week of class in September. Whether you have attended the program and orientation previously, you will be expected to attend as well – no exceptions.

Upgrading – Students, who are not at a grade 9 level at the beginning of the program, will be asked to participate in an upgrading course, to assist with math and English skills.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact:


Diana Roulette

Program Manager

204-855-2671 Ext 300

[email protected]


Jaci Branth

Administrative Assistant

204-855-2671 Ext 301

[email protected]


Viola Fleury


204-855-2671 Ext 305

[email protected]