Dakota Nation Winterfest 2017 – Day 2 Recap (01.28.17)

Dakota Nation Winterfest day 2 continued to be a success. Many of the events from day one continued, and some new events had begun. Attendance was high, which was evident in the Monster BINGO as people packed the room from wall to wall. Volleyball continued to bring in high level athletes for some intense competition and our Square Dancing and Jigging event truly was a spectacle to be seen. Pow Wow continued on day 2 and brought many people together to visit and catch up with stories of the pow wow trail, not to mention some amazing dancing. The pool tournament whittled down the sharp shooters and the moccasin games were an intense mental that carried to the early hours of the evening. Day 2 came to a close with another Teen Dance that had the youth lined up at the door in droves, anxiously awaiting the flashing lights and pounding bass.

Day 2 of Dakota Nation Winterfest was a success. I hope you enjoy the photo recap below.