Dakota la Omnichiye (Language Conference)(01.26.17)


The Dakota la Omnichiye Language Conference was a small gathering of some key people all interested in the preservation and growth of the Dakota language. With approximately 60 people in attendance as well as event staff and coordinators, they all came with the goal of not only learning new ways of teaching, but sharing ideas to help the Dakota language thrive. Bill Taylor (master of ceremonies) started the 2 day event off with some opening remarks that were both humorous and though evoking. Chief Vince Tacan then had some opening remarks and expressed not only his support and encouragement, but also the support of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. Event facilitator Kevin Tacan then took over and gave a presentation about the need for not only Dakota Language, but Dakota Culture as well. In these 2 days, attendees broke into 3 groups with group leaders helping to guide the discussions. The goal was discuss what our next steps should be to not only save the language, but immerse our future generations in our culture. The focus may have been on the school age youth, (K-4, 5-9, 10-and up) but these discussions did include everyone of all ages and stages in life. There were some hard truths about where we are failing our youth, but it was also balanced with some great solutions, ideas and encouragement. Though a small event, it was both successful, powerful and enlightening for all in attendance.