Brandon Sun, Colin Corneau Visits The Herd (03.21.17)

The Brandon Sun’s Colin Corneau is a photographer who has visited all over the world, and taken amazing photos in his journeys. He recently paid a visit to us here in Sioux Valley to view not only our two white buffalo, but to get a sense of the community, what they mean to us and what kind of work goes into caring for such animals. His brief visit was coordinated by Councilor Elton Taylor, who escorted him to our buffalo compound and shot some photos side by side with our guest. Colin was greeted by Councilor Tony Tacan and his son Koda Tacan as they cared for the herd.

Colin has visited the community a few times before to cover the Unity Ride and past Pow Wow’s, but has never had the opportunity to visit and photograph the herd. After taking the photos he desired, he took some time to chat with Councilor’s Tacan and Taylor about the significance of the herd and more specifically the white buffalo’s. His interest was also piqued by the prayer ties which blew gracefully on the fence. He had mentioned the striking similarity to Tibetan prayer flags he’d seen in his travels. He looks forward to future visits to the community, whether it be for work, or simply for photographic pleasure.

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Brandon Sun –


Below are photos of Colin’s visit and the care taken by Tony & Koda Tacan.