Thank You, from the Dakota Oyate Lodge (03.17)

March 8, 2017
To the Oyate of Sioux Valley
As an update with severe weather, the Dakota Oyate Lodge has continued to remain fully operational during this time. The dedication of the staff and the caring that is put forth from them should be an example to all of what the phrase “Respect Your Elders” means. We were able to send all unnecessary staff home on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, those who came on to shift, mainly Cheryl Kirkness and Fiona Shingoose have not yet been able to go home. I want to thank Michelle Pratt, Tiffany Pratt, Emily Wanbdiska, Matthew Pratt, Cindy Bunn, Laura Pratt and Denny Pratt for braving the conditions and getting into work. I also want to thank the staff at Public Works for ensuring we are plowed out and our staff are able to get out of their yards.
We don’t have the option of closing in extreme weather. Some staff have been assisting in other departments to ensure all areas of the operational requirements are covered.
I can without a doubt state that the Dakota Oyate Lodge is a champion among Long Term Care facilities in Manitoba, and I am proud to be a part of this team.

Della Mansoff
Dakota Oyate Lodge