SVDN Youth Spotlight seeking youth achievements for Winterfest Program and Governance Website (01.18.19)

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Spotlight is looking for articles, stories and achievements, whether through sports, volunteer activities, academics or any other milestones that our children, youth, and young adults have achieved.

Submissions will be printed in Dakota Nation Winterfest 2019 Program as well as our Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Governance Website and corresponding Facebook page.


Provide us with your Child(ren) photo(s), biography and/or achievements by Friday, January 18th, 2019.  All information can be sent to Nicole Demas via email: [email protected] or 204-922-3038 or Elton Taylor via email: [email protected]


Let us take the time each day to celebrate our children and their achievements no matter how big or small. Let us remember to not only tell, but show our youth their importance.  They are our future, let us encourage them, let us celebrate them.