SVDN Teen Clinic Grand Opening (10.02.17)

On Monday, October 2, 2017, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation held a ribbon cutting ceremony and had presentations for the grand opening of our Teen Clinic located in Sioux Valley High school, which is located in Brandon, Manitoba. Our teen clinic was an idea brought forth from Sioux Valley Health just over a year ago, and today it came to fruition.

SVDN’s Teen Clinic is a healthy child Manitoba initiative. Most high schools in Manitoba have access to this service. Bringing a teen clinic to Sioux Valley was an effort to close this gap and make health services accessible to all. Our students were unable to access community health services while they were away from the community during school/business hours, so it was essential to make these services available in their school environment. Sioux Valley is the first First Nation community to have an onsite teen clinic- this is definitely something to celebrate and be proud of.

Our motto is “enhancing well-being for the future”. We are hoping that we will see a decrease in chronic disease, teen pregnancy, STI’s and mental illness. The life expectancy of an Aboriginal person is lower than most of our counterparts. Our hope is that having a teen clinic will help to raise life expectancy in Sioux Valley and that members live healthier lives. We are hoping that our children will become confident in accessing primary health care and will identify and treat health issues sooner.

The services we will offer will be culturally appropriate and confidential. At the age of 12, children are able to consent in accessing health care. Some of the services we will offer include; sexual and reproductive health, mental health, addictions and primary care.