SVDN Public Works – Spring Road Conditions (03.21.17)

To: Community Members of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation

Re: Spring melt and run off on roads and lanes/approaches


We have received calls with requests to “fix” roads that have become too muddy to navigate. We are aware of the problems that occur in certain areas during this time of the year and we ask that you be patient and bear with us. Two piece of our equipment are currently in the shop as a result of our snow removal efforts and require repairs. Any heavy equipment that we do send out in an attempt to fix roads in these conditions will only create more problems. The equipment is heavy and will sink into the mud and create “trenches” that will freeze in the evening cool air, making the roads really rough the following day. Any gravel we dump on the roads will simply sink and be absorbed by the moisture on the roads.

Nature has to take its course in these conditions, the roads will eventually dry. In an extreme case where a washout does occur, we will take measures to prevent further damage and erect temporary solutions until such time as we can restore the road to it’s original condition.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the school bus, medical can or water truck being unable to access your home, pleased call us at the Public Works Building (204) 855-2052 or (204) 512-0857.


Thank You,

Dean Mini

Public Works Supervisor