SVDN Open-Closed Update (03.09.17)

As we are all aware, Sioux Valley, along with so many other reserves, towns and cities, just endured a record breaking winter storm in Southwest Manitoba that lasted several days, closed many roadways, shut down several businesses and stranded many people, it will take some time for all to recover. Please have patience as we endeavor to return all operations to some sense of normalcy. SVDN Public Works staff are, and have been, working tirelessly to clear snow and assist people with their trapped vehicles. Below is a list of all SVDN entities currently operational or their expected return date.

SVDN Health Centre – open, regular hours of operation.

Dakota Oyate Lodge – open, regular hours of operation.

SVDN Finance Office – open, regular hours of operation.

SVDN Self-Government – open, regular hours of operation.

SVDN Social Development – open, regular hours of operation.

SV Gaming Centre – open, regular hours of operation.

Dakota Quickstop – open, regular hours of operation.

SVDN Petro-Can – open, regular hours of operation.

SV Communications (Internet) – temporarily operational, due to power outages from storm we may experience some outages while permanent solutions are put in place.

SVDN Day Care – Closed to allow for removal of snow and ground maintenance. Will be open regular hours of operation Friday March 10, 2017.

SVDN Elementary and High School – Closed to allow for snow removal and ground maintenance. Will reopen Monday, March 13, 2017. The Winnipeg Science Fair trip has been cancelled. There WILL be a provincial high school bus run for Friday, March 10, 2017. Reminder that all absences due to closures or no bus runs will be excused.


Sioux Valley Dakota Nation would like to thank all it’s hardworking staff and community members who stepped up and came to aide when other’s were in need. It is this community effort and communication that we should all strive for on a daily basis.

Thank You