SVDN Meth and Addictions Presentations (08.29.18)

On August 29, 2018, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation took additional steps to educate the public on the dangers of Meth and additions. Through the efforts of several programs, including Health, Dakota Tiwahe Services, SVDN Self-Governance, Sioux Valley was able to bring several speakers to help educate our public. The day started with recovered user Kelvin McKay sharing his story of addiction and recovery. He shared the daily struggles he still endures years later and how it was tradition and family support that helped.

After a brief lunch, the day continued with Olivia Neufeld from Addiction Foundation Manitoba who shared a few short videos and a presentation on addictions. Some very valuable information was shared including numbers one can call as well as locations and services that are available for people who suffer from addictions. All this information will be made available through SV Health Centre and any additional programs wishing to share.

Our final presenter for the day was RCMP Constable Trenholm shared his experiences in dealing with drug users and dealers from the perspective of an officer of the law.

It was a very informational day, with close to 200 people in attendance to hear all this valuable information. Sioux Valley hoped to continue to educate our public through workshops, meetings and sharing valuable information through our website and social media pages.

“Stick with Tradition, Not Addiction”