SVDN members, you may eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (09.15.18)

Do you have Disability?
Apply for the disability Tax Credit
You may be eligible to receive additional tax credits if
you are disabled in any way. We have application
forms at the Income Assistance Office you can pick
up, they also need to be taken to your doctor to sign
and fill out. Your disability needs to be effecting your
everyday living, such as walking, hearing, vision,
speaking, eliminating (bowel/bladder), Feeding,
dressing and mental functions for everyday life, also
any life sustaining therapy you may need
Once completed by the doctor we can assist you in sending
the forms in to the proper tax centers.

For any further info please call:
SVDN Income Assistance
Phone: 204-855-2592 or 204-855-2617
Fax: 204-855-2679
Box 38
Griswold, Manitoba
R0M 0S0