SVDN Dakota Language Class Continues On (03.14.19)

Sioux Valley’s Dakota Language Class runs regularly on Tuesday and Thursday’s from 6pm until 9pm and welcomes all those wanting and willing to learn their language. The class is totally free and has a warm welcoming feeling for all who attend. The langiuage class understands that at times it is difficult to find childcare or child activities while an adult wishes to learn, they would like to remind you that they do offer child activities while adults learn their language. The language class would like to encourage all those who are interested to come out to one of our remaing scheduled classes for March, and for those who are unable, Councillor Elton Taylor will be on hand for the Tuesday, March 19, 2019 class to live stream it on Facebook. Please come by and learn, and to those who are fluent speakers, please come by and assist with the revival of our beautiful languiage.

Remaing classes for March are the 19th, 21st, 26th and 28th. Please come down to the SVDN Governance office boardroom and take part.