SVDN Chicken Pox Public Health Notice (03.15.19)

SVDN Chicken Pox Public Health Notice

1. There is an outbreak of Chicken pox in the community, please keep your child at home if they are showing symptoms such as rash, fever or blisters. Please do not give aspirin to a suspected case of Chicken pox. If you are concerned please take your child to the doctor and let the receptionist know what the problem is.

2. If your child is in grade 1 and is showing symptoms of Chicken pox or was sent home today. Please bring him/her to the health Centre tomorrow SATURDAY the 16th of March for vaccination. Time 4.30pm

3. Please any child showing symptoms of Chicken pox away from pregnant women and other children.

4. The below information about chicken pox was sent home today with your child from school. Please read it.

Thank You

SVDN Health Nurse

Helen Onuke RN

Friday, March 15, 2019

ATTN: Parents 
SUBJECT: Chicken Pox

This response from the school is informational for parents. We do not confirm cases of any possible disease or virus. Your health care professional is the one to speak to about any medical concern. Our role is one of safety for the students at the school.

Parents, please be advised that there has been a confirmed case of Chicken Pox in the school.
Chicken Pox is a highly contagious disease and is spread like the cold or flu. Symptoms may include fever, complaints of not feeling well, sore muscles, red rash like marks on face, neck, or trunk of body. 
If you are pregnant or have a low immune system you should not be around any possible or suspected case of a person with Chicken Pox.

Parents check to see that your children are up to date with their vaccinations. If they are not up to date please check with your health care professional to have them updated.

Please read the attached information packet about Chicken Pox which was supplied by the Sioux Valley Health Office.

Mr. Ward Pratt, Principal
Sioux Valley School