SVDN-ACC Framers Course Wind Up (09.07.17)

On September 7th the students enrolled in the framing course wrote their final exam. The exam covered floor, wall, and roof framing. Math calculations for estimating materials, wood characteristics and blueprint reading were the other areas assessed. The final marks and certificates will not be officially available until the end of September. The students need to complete another month of actual work experience before being certified as house framers.

After the test was written students, instructors, and some special guests were treated for lunch. Three representatives from Assiniboine Community College were also in attendance to congratulate the students. The lunch was supplied by the Sioux Valley Education Committee. Special thanks to all the staff from the Wichozoni Centre for preparing lunch, it was delicious. After the lunch was over the boys all got together for a fun game of baseball against other members from the community. Lots of laughs and cheers made for an enjoyable end to the day.

Student have learned some valuable lesson in framing and house building. This is really just the start for them as they will continue to build houses for residents of Sioux Valley in the future. They have helped each other through the length of the course. They loved to get out of the classroom and on to the job site. They are all extremely proud of their accomplishments and will become valuable workers for Sioux Valley Dakota Nation.