SV Youth Complete Aboriginal Shield Program (02.15.17)

“The Aboriginal Shield Program (ASP), one of RCMP’s Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service’s (DOCAS) main initiatives, is a youth-driven program that provides substance abuse prevention and healthy lifestyles coaching to Aboriginal communities.

The ASP enables Aboriginal youth to gain a sense of cultural connection and pride, while learning to make informed healthy lifestyle choices about drug use and related activities.

The program offers culturally relevant teachings that can easily be adapted and expanded to fit individual community needs and complement existing local initiatives.”

Excerpt taken from RCMP Aboriginal Shied Program page

February 15, 2017 marked a milestone for our youth at Sioux Valley School.  There were 26 Grade 6’s and 22 Grade 5’s (48 total) who have completed the Aboriginal Shield Program.  We honored these students by presenting them with certificates and having a feast.  These students have learned a decision-making model called DRUMS to help make healthy choices throughout their lifetime.

DRUMS decision-making model:

  • D – Determine the situation
  • R – Remember you have a choice
  • U – Understand the consequences
  • M – Make a decision
  • S – Self-evaluate

This is an awareness program that is delivered in our community to the Grade 5/6’s and the Grades 7/8’s.  Topics covered in ten lessons are creating a shield, personal choices, tobacco, alcohol, other drugs, addictions, gangs, rules/guidelines, healthy choices and community roles.  It is up to us to ensure that our community is safe by creating awareness and putting prevention programs in place.

The Aboriginal Shield Program was sponsored and delivered by Sioux Valley Health Centre and Health Centre staff, who were present to deliver words of encouragement and support for all the students honored on this day. Present as well to offer more words of encouragement and support were 2 members of Sioux Valley Chief and Council, Councillor Eleanore Elk & Councillor Elton Taylor.