Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Launches Sixties Scoop Action (05.11.18)

May 11, 2018 – – The Federal Court is holding two days of Hearings in Saskatoon SK to determine whether or not to approve a National Class Action Settlement for claims on behalf of victims from what is known as the Sixties Scoop.

For decades, the Federal government has delegated to the Provinces its responsibility for First Nation families and their children which has resulted in a dismal record of having taken thousands of children from their Indigenous families and placing them in foster care or adoptive families throughout Canada and the United States resulting in a loss of culture, community, and families. In many cases, Indigenous children have been exposed to physical, mental, and sexual abuse.

Chief Vince Tacan, along with Governance Officer Louise Hall and Legal Counsel Bruce Slusar attended the Hearings on behalf of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation which has commenced its action on behalf of its citizens and their families for the harms caused by the Sixties Scoop, and to suggest a process by which healing and reconciliation of the harms caused to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation may be addressed.

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation has experienced hundreds of children being taken from their families and distributed throughout Canada and the United States during the Sixties Scoop.  Many of these individuals are now learning of who their families are and their connection to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation which has commenced an action in the Federal Court to address the misguided policies of Canada and the Province of Manitoba in relation to providing child welfare services.

Chief Tacan states “The Sixties Scoop has resulted in a lot of harm to our families and citizens.  To date, we have identified over 250 children who were taken from the homes of our people and placed with non-Dakota foster families or adoptive parents.  This has resulted in our members losing connection with their families, their community, their Dakota culture, and their language.  For this reason, the Government of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation has taken action against the Government of Canada who, together with the Province of Manitoba, is responsible for these misguided policies which have caused our people much generational harm.  Sioux Valley Dakota Nation has taken full responsibility for the health, wellness, and reunification of its families by creating a new Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Department of Families otherwise known as ‘Dakota Tiwahe Services’ and will no longer be reliant on other third party Agencies to interfere with its families which has been going on for far too long.”

For further information, please contact Chief Vince Tacan at (204) 512-0845.

The Statement of Claim can be viewed HERE.