Highway 21 Not Opened…yet (04.09.17)

Due to confusion that can be created by misinformation, we feel it is always necessary to keep Sioux Valley members updated with proper information in a timely manner, especially when acts of nature affect our community. Although many have seen Manitoba Highway crews working to clean debris off Highway 21, it is highly unlikely at this time that the highway will be opened today. At the time of this update, water has receded drastically, however, it was still lightly flowing over Highway 21 in a several locations and covering a large majority the west lane. Manitoba Highways and Transport felt it would be unwise to open the roadway late in the evening and would prefer to wait until all water has cleared the highway and the integrity of the road is safe. It is believed that the crest has past us now and the worst should be over. The estimated time for Highway 21 to be opened again would be tomorrow, April 10, 2017 after all safety conditions previously mentioned are met. When the highway is opened, we will update the website to notify the community.

Once again, we encourage all to stay clear of flood waters, stay safe and help those in need.

We will continue to post updates with any information and photos as they are received.

Thank you