Due to Extreme cold, SV Daycare & K-12 Schools closed for January 29, 2019 (01.29.19)


Oyate Chistinapida Daycare will be closed tomorrow Tuesday January 29th due to the extreme weather conditions. Sorry for the inconvenience! We will keep you posted.

Daycare Staff



Attention Parents and Guardians;

Due to severe cold and transportation concerns, Sioux Valley Schools (Headstart to Grade 12) will be closed tomorrow, January 29th.

Sioux Valley High School exams will be rescheduled to the next open school day. All provincial students will be excused, arrangements will be made to write missed exams. Brandon school division buses are not running due to weather.

Safety of our students and staff is our number one concern. Reminder that we have nine weather days set aside for days such as these. Stay warm and safe!