Community Notice: Stray and Loose Dogs (04.26.18)


Please be advised that, we, the Chief and Council, hereby serve notice that any stray dog or any dog that is allowed to run loose may be caught and relocated to an animal shelter.

By way of this notice we are also giving permission to Alicia Hoemsen and anyone else who is associated with the animal rescue program to enter into Sioux Valley and remove any strays and/or any animals that are surrendered to them.

In addition, we will be assisting/requesting that anyone who allows or permits their animal to run free be charged in criminal and civil court for any damages.


It is unfortunate that these measures have to be taken, however, we have witnessed and received complaints about stray dogs that are roaming in packs.

We will be posting copies of the Dog By-Law, in addition we will be working to find the resources to pay for a by-law enforcement officer.


It is unfortunate that a small number people do not respect others property which results in people having to have guard dogs for their property. It is also unfortunate that a small number of people are not responsible pet owners!


This by-law has been in place for quite some time, however, there has never been any resources available to enforce this by-law.