Community Hunt Update (12.19.18)

The community hunt on December 16, 2018 was a great success! The hunters were able to get 2 Moose & 3 Deer. Meat from the hunt was distributed to Sioux Valley Education, Dakota Oyate Lodge, Sioux Valley Daycare, & the newly initiated Dakota Tiwahe Services. Community members On & Off reserve can contact Tiwahe Services to pick up meat.
Thank you to the hunters: Dale McKay, Garth Blacksmith, Craig Blacksmith, Ryan Taylor, Blaine Wombdiska, Wesley Tacan, Mark Hall, Donald Elk, Marcus Blacksmith, Tyrone Blacksmith, Colby Wombdiska, Russel “Pud” Pratt, Kenny Pratt Sr., Francis Elk, and a special shout out to Dacian Taylor.