Bullying Notice from SV High School (03.16.18)

Friday, March 16, 2018


Dear Parents/Community members,

We have had a lot of bullying reports this past week. As everyone pleads no involvement it takes a couple days to thoroughly investigate.  I wanted to provide an update as I am aware this is a serious concern for everyone. I have many calls from concerned parents and grandparents over the past week.

To date two students have been suspended for related reasons this past week.  We have offered our guidance counsellor time to help deal with concerns for victims. Today we have met with all Teachers and Educational Assistants to discuss these concerns more in depth in a classroom setting. Also, a school wide assembly occurred where each teacher and admin shared personal experiences of bullying in their lives and the effects that this has caused.

Students were informed of protocols to follow if being bullied. Each teacher has been asked to adapt lessons today to provide each student with information about what bullying is and the avenues to seek assistance and positive strategies to combat such negative behaviors.

I would also like to clearly point out that bullying is happening over social media. Please monitor your child’s activities on sites such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Twitter. These sites are being used in such negative ways and your child could be bullying others or being the victim. Either way should raise serious concerns as parents and guardians. If any bullying occurs that ties school time to the bullying, consequences will occur. We always ask for parents to provide us with as much details as possible so we can look into items objectively and fairly.

We are now planning on having elders come into the school to discuss these concerns with our students. We also are going to be seeking law enforcement officers to join in to address the legal side of bullying and cyber bullying. We are also planning a community forum to get ideas from you as parents and guardians. We want to hear your thoughts on how we could combat these bullying issues. We are looking for solutions, please.  It will not be a platform for complaints but a platform for getting together to come up with good ideas to target these negative behaviors. We will be asking elders to chair such a meeting in the very near future. The theme will be, “Bullying Needs to Stop”! We also will be posting information on the Sioux Valley Education Facebook site that will help parents see signs of bullying.  Information will be geared towards tools to help your children if they are being bullied and/or if they are bullying others.

Please discuss these sensitive topics with your child.  Safety is our main objective which we want for all students. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these topics at any time during the school day.


Quote: “Raising a child holistically to become a positive member of the community involves an entire community doing their part!”


Thank you,

Mr. Kevin Nabess